trà đá thuốc lào


phục vụ cho việc hút thuốc lào của bạn mội lúc mọi nơi.
Điếu đi kèm với NÕ hợp kim nhôm .
Sản phẩm 100% sản xuất theo phương pháp thủ công truyền thống từ xa xưa từ thanh hóa. Rất đáng sưu tầm để thưởng thức những bi thuốc lào trọn vẹn..

Each of our bamboo smoking pipes are individually handmade.
We choose only the highest grade of bamboo that look beautiful and each do the job well as smoking pipes.
After making each pipe they are fine sanded and are dipped in PU lacquer left to dry sanded again and then dipped and polished in natural beeswax and coconut oil mixture these are then hand polished.
Our bamboo pipes have a choice of three finishes
Character decals
Laser etching
Our pipes have three normal sizes
This works as a pipe well and cools the smoke temperature normally.
However this size is not suitable for deep smoking, or it will pull some water up through the pipe. Please use the mini pipe with softer smoking sucking power!!!
MIDI 30cm
This intermediate size is light and smokes with exactly the same effect as the Maxi.
Maxi 40cm
This is s standard sized pipe for home or general use. It’s a classic Vietnamese sized Dieu Cay…
party sized 2metre fun pipe!


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